Our Journey as Arigato Anime Shop

Arigato Anime Shop started as an small online shop but later graduated to actively participating in the market place since 2022 through market day events such as Quonnect Market Day, Tubayo Market Day, School Events and more. Which have given us a great opportunity to reach out to the hand picked Otaku Community members that had no idea of our existence

At Digi Art Feast 2022 selling anime merch

Not only have we been attending the market places but we have also been attending anime social event gatherings like Anime get togethers as well as anime and chill. Anime and Chill has been happening every start of the month where we get to socialize greatly with the otaku community, share our favorite anime shows, our favorite battle scenes, argue about who is the strongest character, and all times favorite "Can Goku Defeat Saitama?" on top of that we also get to share recommendations of what we have watched before and what we can watch next. Not only do we talk about anime but we also get to do interesting anime challenges such as singing anime intros and outros karaoke, playing games where winners get to prizes as well as acting out our favorite anime characters but most of all having anime watch parties at the end of the day. A beautiful way to relax with your plus one after a fun active day.

An Anime and Chill watch party moment

However, one of my personal favorite social gatherings is Digi Art Fest. An event where all the magic happens every December hosted by Tribe Ug. Many say there is no anime convention in Uganda. But trust me this is it. That anime convection that you and I are looking for so its up to us to make it memorable. Before i get all motivational hehe, lets dive into the juice as to why its my personal favorite. For starters, this is a safe space for any and every otaku member to feel at home. Where all comic creators, animators, gamers, cosplayers gather to get educated about story telling in their unique creative way and also have fun because why not, truly there is nothing to lose. For gamers, there is catch, A Prize. That is won just right after the screen displays that you are the winner. You guys win everyday, am sure with that much practice you can be the next winner easy peasy right. I hope so coz 2024 is here. 

Gamers showing off their best gaming skills.                          

For aspiring comic creators as well as animators, come and network with your fellow creatives, share ideas, learning experiences, challenges but most of all, ignite each others passion to keep the creative space alive and active coz with your stories the Pearl of Africa's bar will raise up high. Coz if the Japanese can do it u can do it too.

Comic Creators sharing their art and inspirations  

I have come to the tip of the ice berg of Digi Art Fest, in-fact the cherry on top. The cosplay Competition. Cosplaying hasn't been a popular thing in Uganda but I would love to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of Digi Art Fest for making this a possibility to bring our inner otaku out, how cool. I personally have gotten a chance to participate as Sakura(a terrible idea) as well as Nezuko. A Few more cosplayers that nailed it in 2022 were Faith as Raiden, Sebastian as Father Pucci, Staha as Itachi. Who acted out these characters perfectly well and trust me they too won prizes. Can you imagine? Making money on a random Saturday evening just because you took down some anime notes, better get your death-notes ready.

Digi Art Feast Cosplay Competition  2022

Digi Art Fest Cosplay competition 2023

This precisely gives me something to look up to with so much excitement and greater reason to step out of my comfort zone and get creative in my own way. So this question goes to you. How often do you win prizes? Never know it could be you being award as the next best cosplay winner with a cash prize. The Best feeling ever

So fellow otaku members, let's raise up like our favorite anime characters and grow our community because we can . Can't wait to see you on the next anime social gathering.

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